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Cure Cancer Australia Post Doctoral Partnership

The Leukaemia Foundation collaborates with the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation to maximise outcomes for researchers and patients.

The Leukaemia Foundation and Cure Cancer Australia have been collaborating since 2011 to provide young researchers with Post doctoral fellowship opportunities. The Post doctoral Fellowship offers the recipient the chance to enhance their research skills, while bringing new ideas and perspectives to the wider research community. Through this partnership, we have been able to fund 14 Post Doctoral Fellows nationally thus far. 

The collaboration between Cure Cancer Australia and the Leukaemia Foundation is powerful in that it enables more young cancer researchers working in blood cancers to receive funding which will help drive innovation and breakthrough in the understanding of these diseases” 
 Leanne Warner, CEO  Cure Cancer Australia Foundation

We are very pleased to have a partnership with CCAF. It enables us to co-fund post doctoral fellowships for establishing researchers with great ideas and in this way we can make our funds go further in our search for cures for blood cancers.” 
Anna Williamson, National Manager Research and Advocacy, Leukaemia Foundation

Dr Steven Lane

QIMR was a recipient of the LF/CCAF Post Doctoral Fellowship in 2011 for his project: Treatment of blood diseases by targeting the disease-causing stem cells

“Without the LFA/CCAF postdoctoral funding, I would not have been able to return from the US and start my own independent research program at QIMR. It has given me the intellectual independence to build a focused research unit here at QIMR concentrating on the biology of leukaemia and leukaemia stem cells, and this has now been recognized by QIMR as the Translational Leukaemia Research Group. 

Our research is working towards finding new ways to treat leukaemia stem cells and prevent the relapse of leukaemia after chemotherapy. This approach, if successful, has the potential to greatly improve patient survival with leukaemia and related disorders. “

Dr Ashley Ng

WEHI was a recipient of the LF/CCAF Post Docatoral Fellowship in 2011 for his project “Genetic co-operativity and the role of transcription factors in malignant haematological disorders and leukaemogenesis”

“I am a haematologist who decided to commit to understanding the causes of blood cancers such as leukaemia, through research.  During my PhD, I was able to implicate a particular gene known as "Erg", in predisposing children with Down Syndrome to development of a malignant blood cancer.  This was only the beginning. To really understand this finding, I needed to perform much more detailed research. The Leukaemia Foundation of Australia/Cure Cancer Australia Post Doctoral Fellowship has allowed me to continue these studies.  Understanding how blood cancers develop will help me to identify ways in which haematologists like myself, can use this knowledge to develop more effective treatments for patients.”