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Professor Angel Lopez


Professor Lopez has been a member of the Leukaemia Foundation’s National Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee since 2006 and a member of the Leukaemia Foundation Grant Review Committee since 2005.

Professor Lopez obtained his medical degree in 1975 from the University of Rosario, Argentina, and his PhD in 1981 from the National Institute of Medical Research University of London. During his post-doctoral work at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute in 1982-1985, he became fascinated by the then newly discovered cytokines and growth factors and their role in the regulation of haematological malignancies and inflammation. In 1985, Angel moved to the Institute of Medical & Veterinary Science where he set up the Cytokine Receptor Laboratory in the Division of Human Immunology. Angel is currently the Head of the Division of Human Immunology and Director of the newly established Centre for Cancer Biology of SA Pathology, Adelaide.

Angel is the author of over 170 research publications and shares his research interests with a group of highly capable and enthusiastic colleagues. The work of Angel and his colleagues has led to significant discoveries in understanding how cytokines and cytokine receptors work in health and in diseases such as leukaemia and asthma. These insights have been possible through funding by the NH&MRC of Australia, NIH of USA and several charitable foundations. His research has been published in high impact medical journals, has been highly cited, and forms the basis of several international patents. This path has underpinned the development of new products with potential therapeutic use in human diseases now in clinical trials.

Angel regularly participates in NH&MRC review processes as part of Program Grant and Discipline Panel Committees. He is Chair of the Organising Committee of the Barossa Symposia in the "Science Amongst the Vines" biennial series, now in its Fourth edition. He has served on the Editorial Board of the Journal of the American Society of Hematology, Blood, and of Immunology and Cell Biology.

His scientific interests continue to be the discovery of paradigms in cytokine receptor biology and the development of new tools and approaches for the better treatment of human diseases.