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Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee

Providing strategic advice to the Leukaemia Foundation on medical, scientific, research and clinical matters since 2000.

We believe the best decisions come from having a broad understanding. This is why the Leukaemia Foundation seeks the advice of our voluntary Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee (MSAC) which include clinicians, health professionals and research scientists that are each highly regarded in their field.

The MSAC oversees and guides the development of the Leukaemia Foundation's National Research Program. Two specialist subcommittees, the Grants Review Committee (GRC), chaired by Professor Andrew Boyd, and the Fellowships and Scholarships Review Committee (FSRC) chaired by Professor Geoff Hill and when required Prof Peter Klinken (from WAIMR)  review all research applications and make recommendations to the MSAC in line with the Foundation’s goals and priorities. 

The MSAC also provides medical and scientific advice in the development of our educational booklets and programs to ensure people who turn to the Leukaemia Foundation for information and support are accessing the latest insights into blood cancer treatments and ways to manage their disease.