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2011 Grant Recipients

PhD Scholarships

2011 -2013

Area of Research

Per Annum

Ms N. Anstee
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, VIC

Genetic changes promoting AML and its resistance to therapy (AML) | more


Ms N. Christie
Centre for Cancer Biology, SA

The role of the interleukin- 3 receptor on AML stem cells (AML) | more


Ms J. Devlin
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC

Inhibiting cell signalling decreases ribosome synthesis and kills lymphoma cells (LYMPHOMA) | more


Mr M. Lefebure
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC

Investigating combinations of drugs for the treatment of an incurable blood cancer (ALL BLOOD CANCERS) | more


Ms H. Lim 
St Vincent’s Institute, VIC 

Roles of the bone and blood vessels in the development of blood disease (ALL BLOOD CANCERS) | more


PhD (Clinical) Scholarships
2011 - 2013


Dr A. Guirguis
Monash University, VIC

Targeting mechanisms of early cell death in myelodysplasia  | more


Dr T. Teh   The Alfred Hospital, VIC

The role of a new potential therapeutic target that promotes survival of leukaemia cells | more


Post-Doctoral Fellowships
2011 - 2013

(Funding partnership with Cure Cancer Australia Foundation)


Dr S. Lane
Queensland Institute of Medical Research

Treatment of blood diseases by targeting the disease-causing stem cells (ALL BLOOD CANCERS) | more


Dr A. Ng   
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, VIC

Identification of genetic interactions predisposing to leukaemia (LEUKAEMIA) | more


Dr F. Tzelepis
University of Newcastle, NSW

Blood cancer patients' perceptions about the quality of care they receive (PSYCHOSOCIAL) | more


Clinical Trial Grant
2011 - 2013


Dr A. Wei and Prof A. Spencer 
The Alfred Hospital, VIC

Investigating the role of targeted therapy with the FLT3 inhibitor for AML patients with FLT3 mutations (AML) | more


Research Grants-in-Aid


Ass Prof R. Lock et al.
Children’s Cancer Institute Australia, NSW

Improving treatment options for relapsed T-cell acute lymphoblastic) leukaemia (ALL) | more


Dr M. McCormack & Dr C. Slape  
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, VIC

Targeting stem cells that cause T-cell leukaemia (LEUKAEMIA) | more


Assoc Prof D. White & Prof T. Hughes
Centre for Cancer Biology, SA  

Which kinase inhibitor is best for which CP-CML patient (CML) | more


Dr M. Guthridge   
Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, VIC  

New approaches to targeting the survival of AML cells (AML) | more


Associate Professor Richard D'Andrea
The University of Adelaide, SA

Dequalinium Chloride as a targeted therapy for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (ALL) |


Dr J. Dickinson et al.
Menzies Research Institute, TAS

Finding causative genes for blood cancers (ALL BLOOD CANCERS) | more


Dr S. Ting & Dr S. Russell
Peter MacCallum Cancer, VIC

Understanding how blood and leukaemia stem cells function (ALL BLOOD CANCERS) | more


Dr R. Tothill et al.
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC

Defining the role of phosphoinositides in acute leukaemia (LEUKAEMIA) | more


Dr A. Wei & Prof C. Mitchell 
Monash University/Alfred Hospital, VIC

Defining the role of phosphoinositides in acute leukaemia (LEUKAEMIA) | more


Ass Prof N. Waterhouse
Mater Medical Research Institute, QLD

How cells of the body’s immune system kill blood related malignancies (ALL BLOOD CANCERS) | more


Prof G. Hill et al.
Queensland Institute for Medical Research, QLD

Immune competence following bone marrow transplantation | more


Dr P. Mollee et al.
Princess Alexandra Hospital, QLD

A clinical trial to improve the treatment of AL Amyloidosis | more


Ass Prof D. Curtis & Prof S. Jane
Bone Marrow Research Laboratories, VIC

Helping blood cell numbers recover after transplantation or chemotherapy | more


Prof D. Gottlieb
Westmead Millennium Institute, NSW

A way of using a patient’s own immune system to stop severe infections caused by potent treatment given to patients with CLL (CLL) | more


Dr S. Grist & Ass Prof B. Kuss
Flinders Medical Centre, SA

Improving prognostic analysis of CLL through assessment of DNA repair: Y-H2A.X assay (CLL) | more


Prof R. Christopherson & Ass Prof S. Mulligan
University of Sydney/Kolling Institute, NSW

Predicting risk and treatment response from patterns of surface markers on CLL (CLL) | more


Dr S. Grist & Ass Prof B. Kuss
Flinders Medical Centre, SA 

Identifying patients at high risk of relapse in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) | more


Honours Scholarship


 Ms T.Nababan (di Giacomo Scholarship)

Western Australian Institute for Medical Research, WA

How MLF1 affects blood stem cells  | more


Career Establishment Grant
2011 - 2013


Dr Christina Brown 
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW

The role of microRNAs in Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia



Cancer Australia PdCCRS Funding Partnership


Prof A. Lopez
Centre for Cancer Biology, SA

The role of CD123 in MDS and AML