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2006 Grant Recipients


PhD Scholarships
2006 - 2008

 Area of Reseach 

Per Annum

Dr D. Ross Institute of Medical & Veterinary Science, SA

Characterisation of leukaemic CML cells remaining after treatment (CML) | more

Final Report 2008



Clinical Fellowships 


Dr Melita Kenealy (Max Whiteside Fellowship)
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC

Myelodysplasia | more

Final Report 2006



Post-Doctoral Fellowship 


Dr A. Kallies (Phil Desbrow Fellowship)
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, VIC

Does Blimp-1 suppress cancer of the blood? (LEUKAEMIA) | more

Final Report 2006



Career Establishment Grant 


Dr. W. Stevenson
Royal North Hospital & University of Sydney

Targeted therapy and new diagnostic strategies for the management of the chronic myeloproliferative disorders (MPD) | more

Annual Report 2007      Annual Report 2009





Assoc Prof A. Grulich, Dr Claire Vajdic
University of NSW

What are the immune risk factors for non-Hodgkin lymphoma? (NHL) | more

Final Report 2006


Assoc Prof R. Johnstone
(Bennelong Foundation Fellowship)
Pater MacCallum Cancer Centre

Assessment of new anti-cancer drugs to treat lymphoma (LYMPHOMA) | more

Final Report 2008


Dr R. Lock, Prof G. Marshall,
Assoc Prof M. Kavallaris
Children's Cancer Institute Aust. NSW

New therapeutic strategies in childhood (ALL) | more

Final Report 2006


Prof J. Rasko
Centenary Institute of Cancer & Cell Biology, NSW

Non-coding gene control of myelopoiesis (GENE and STEM CELL TRANSPLANT) | more

Final Report 2006



Honours Scholarships 


Ms J. Engler
Institute of Medical and veterinary Science, SA

The role of lineage and maturity in determining in-vitro sensitivity to Kinase inhibitors in chronic phase CML | more

Final Report 2006