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Australasian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group Discovery Centre


Supported by Leukaemia Foundation of Australia and Leukaemia Foundation of QueenslandALLG Discovery Centre_Leaukaemia Foundation 2015 Research Awards

Centre:                  Australasian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group
                               Discovery Centre (formerly the ALLG Tissue

Annual funding:  $550,000

Funding period:  2015-2017


Project summary

The Leukaemia Foundation is contributing $550,000 over three years to the running costs of Australia’s only specialised blood cancer tissue bank.

The ALLG Discovery Centre (formerly the ALLG Tissue Bank) stores a growing library of samples collected from Australian patients with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or related blood disorders.

In 2015, the Centre held more than 79,000 tissue samples from 3306 patients with blood cancer. These samples provide Australian researchers with an invaluable resource for developing innovative, targeted treatments, as well as testing the effects of new drugs on human tissue samples.

The Leukaemia Foundation co-established the tissue bank in 2002 in collaboration with the ALLG and remains committed to maintaining this invaluable resource for clinical research. To date, we have provided more than $2.3 million towards the Discovery Centre’s establishment and operating costs.

By funding the Discovery Centre, the Foundation is helping to increase both research discoveries and clinical trials in Australia, ultimately allowing patients earlier access to new therapies.

Numerous industry partners have contributed to the Discovery Centre since its inception. The Australian Government provided a $1.8 million NHMRC grant to the Centre between 2006 and 2013. In the future, the ALLG hopes to significantly increase the level of corporate sponsorship.

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