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Superannuation and Insurance – Legal Rights

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers solicitor, John Berrill, has provided fact sheets to guide people with blood cancer through the legal issues associated with superannuation and insurance.

Topics include:

  • Accessing your superannuation
  • Superannuation disability and death benefits
  • Insurance disability benefits
  • Getting new insurance or superannuation
  • Superannuation/insurance and Centrelink

People with blood cancer can also access the Super and Insurance Advice Service for free legal advice; call Maurice Blackburn Lawyers on 1800 810 812.

Click on the link below to access documents relevant to your state:


Please note: these fact sheets have been provided independently as a guide only. The Leukaemia Foundation recommends people also consult their legal or financial advisors.

Please email us if you have any queries or would like to provide feedback.