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I don’t know how our family would have managed without the Foundation’s apartment. It just wouldn’t be possible.

Hayley Gerke
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Our Services

The Leukaemia Foundation provides personalised and practical support for people affected by blood cancers and related blood disorders and their loved ones. These conditions include: leukaemia; lymphoma; myeloma; MDS; MPN; Waldenstrom's macroglobulinaemia; aplastic anaemia; amyloidosis; and related blood disorders.

This support is provided by our extensive team of highly trained Blood Cancer Support Coordinators who are there to help throughout your entire blood cancer experience.

All services are provided at no charge to patients and families and are available in metropolitan, regional and rural areas across Australia.


The Leukaemia Foundation can help people to understand the complex issues around diagnosis and treatment of blood cancer. This information may be provided face to face, by phone or online through our many information guides, including booklets, newsletters, factsheets and more.

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Emotional Support

A diagnosis of a blood cancer or related disorder can have a dramatic impact on a person’s life. At times it can be difficult to cope with the emotional stress involved. The Leukaemia Foundation’s support services team can provide you and your family with much needed support during this time.

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Education and Support Programs

The Leukaemia Foundation offers disease-specific and general education programs throughout Australia. These programs are designed to empower patients and carers with information regarding diagnosis, treatment and recovery. They also provide an opportunity to hear from specialist doctors and allied health professionals, while meeting people in a similar situation.

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The Leukaemia Foundation has a number of accommodation complexes located near major treatment centres. Each unit and apartment has been designed as a 'home away from home' for patients, carers and their families who have to temporarily relocate from regional and rural areas for specialist treatment.

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Transport Program

The Leukaemia Foundation can provide people with blood cancer and their families with courtesy transport to and from treatment.

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Practical Assistance

Leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders can significantly affect patients and families' normal way of life and there may be practical things the Leukaemia Foundation can do to help.

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Accessing superannuation

Superannuation is designed to provide for your retirement, so you can generally only access it when you reach age 65. However, there are some very limited circumstances where it may be available earlier.

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Blood Buddies peer support

For many people, coping with a difficult life experience is made a little easier by talking to someone who already has been through a similar situation.

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