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The Leukaemia Foundation’s support services team can help patients and their families to understand the complex issues around diagnosis and treatment.

This information may be provided over the phone, face to face at home, at the hospital, in our office or at our accommodation centres depending on the geographical and individual needs.

We also have a range of comprehensive and easy to understand booklets providing disease-specific information on diagnosis and treatment, as well as other aspects of living with a leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or related blood disorders.

This includes guides on nutrition, coping with childhood leukaemias, addressing the practical and emotional issues that come with living with these diseases and understanding allogeneic and autologous transplants.

These booklets are available free of charge.  You can browse and download the full range of booklets, factsheets and disease-specific newsletters in this page. Or you can download our Booklet Order Form (PDF 83kb)

More information is available by visiting a list of useful website links that may be useful for finding out more about your disease, its treatment and other related topics and please visit Blood Cancers section to find out more about blood cancers and their impacts. 


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