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Telephone Discussion Forums

Support is being provided to people with blood cancer and their carers across Australia through the Leukaemia Foundation's Telephone discussion forums.

This support service enables anyone throughout Australia who has or has had a blood cancer or related disorder to share their experiences, provide tips, education and support others in a relaxed forum.

Each discussion is facilitated by a member of the Leukaemia Foundation Support Services team who has a background in haematology nursing. 

The call is free for those calling from a landline in country areas or for metro users, the cost of a local call. 

The Leukaemia Foundation intends to hold discussion forums for all blood cancers but is currently hosting telephone discussion forums for: 

  • Lymphoma
  • Myeloma
  • Amyloidosis

To take part, register by calling 1800 620 420 or email info@leukaemia.org.au. Participants will receive a number and PIN access code and details of the next meeting. 

Please click here to find telehphone discussion forums currently available