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About the Programs

All of our education and support programs are free of charge. Please remember that bookings are essential.

Support Programs

The Foundation facilitates many support networks across the country. Some of these groups are for any people affected by a blood cancer, and where we have adequate numbers of people, we run disease-specific support networks.

These groups are designed to promote peer support – where people in similar situations are able to find support through meeting with others. People can find comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their blood cancer experience, and they can provide hints and tips on how to live well with their disease.

Some support groups may include activities designed to put participants at ease, and to facilitate incidental support opportunities. Sessions may include: art or music therapy, day outings, walking or other exercise groups

Some of these support networks will organise guest speakers to share their knowledge on particular health subjects. These form part of our education programs.

Education Programs

The Foundation organises many informative education sessions across the country each year. We invite expert guest speakers to talk about many issues affecting people who have been affected by a blood cancer. These sessions are free of charge and designed to help empower people with information they can use to help make decisions about living better with their disease.

These education programs can be general wellbeing programs for all people affected by a blood cancer, or they can be disease-specific.

General Education Programs

Many people face issues in common when they have had a blood cancer diagnosis. Education sessions that may help to inform people with various forms of blood cancer may include topics such as:

  •      Fatigue management and exercise
  •      Diet and nutrition
  •      Superannuation and Insurance
  •     Getting my financial life in order
  •     Depression and anxiety
  •     Fear of relapse
  •     Getting back to work   
  •     Bone Marrow Transplants       

Disease-Specific Education Programs

This program is designed to help you to learn about: diagnosis, treatment and recovery, side effect management, and the impacts on everyday life with your blood cancer. Sessions will have expert speakers providing up to date information relating to your disease. Specialists may include: haematologists, specialist nurses, and other allied health professionals.

Family and Friends

Caring for somebody who has a blood cancer is both very challenging and rewarding. It is not uncommon for people to feel alone, angry, afraid, unsure, unheard, and guilty about how they feel when they are not the ones living with the blood cancer. These feelings are normal, and we have programs to help people who support those with a blood cancer.

Living with Grief

Living with grief, facilitated by a trained grief counsellor, is an interactive program designed to assist people who have suffered the loss of a love on to a blood cancer. A unique and professionally managed program, it provides comprehensive and meaningful support for individuals within a group setting. It is specially designed to provide a safe, trusting environment in which participants can express their grief, receive emotional and educational support and learn strategies and skills for coping.

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