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Virtual Ride with Pride for 2017

Publish Date: 8/12/2016

Increasing in popularity each year, Ride with Pride  is an incredible week-long fully catered horse ride conducted by the Australian Trail Horse Riders Association raising funds to support the work of the Leukaemia Foundation.

Dedicated and enthusiastic participants come from near and far to meet new friends, enjoy wonderful riding, amazing scenery and nightly entertainment all while supporting a worthy cause - families impacted by a blood cancer diagnosis.

Delighted to have next year’s Ride with Pride at Ellerston (west of Scone) fully booked, the organisers have been equally keen to include riders who have missed out on their chance to join Ride with Pride and created the Ride with Pride virtual rider.

This is a fantastic opportunity for people who keen to jump astride with Ride with Pride to fundraise and ride in the comfort of their own home from March 11-18 while raising funds to support the work of the Leukaemia Foundation.

Now in it's third year, Ride with Pride is an incredible event which is made possible thanks to the tireless work of Tony and De’hanne who are responsible for the huge logistical undertaking. We are so grateful to work with two wonderful people who help make this fabulous event possible.

We look forward to seeing the riders come together in March next year and having the virtual riders showing their support for the first time too!

To find out more or to register your place as a virtual rider for Ride with Pride please visit www.ridewithpride.com.au

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