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Brydens Lawyers’ Patient Transport Vehicles protect the future of people with blood cancer

Publish Date: 17/11/2016

Since 2014, the two Patient Transport Vehicles sponsored by Brydens Lawyers have been a vital component of the Leukaemia Foundation’s Sydney transport fleet. During this time, the vehicles, based at Westmead and Liverpool, have predominantly served the Western and South-Western suburbs of Sydney. 

During the 12 months to the end of July 2016, the Brydens Lawyers Transport Vehicle based at Westmead provided more than 570 safe and reliable journeys to and from treatment, covering over 23,000 kilometres.

Over the same period, the Brydens Lawyers Transport Vehicle based at Liverpool travelled more than 1,450 journeys to and from treatment, covering 50,500 kilometres.

Combined, Brydens Transport Vehicles have saved families impacted by a blood cancer diagnosis more than $200,000 in travel costs for vital treatment.

This practical service has made, and continues to make, a real difference to the lives of people living with blood cancer and related blood disorders, both in terms of protecting their financial and family situations and their personal wellbeing.

Speaking on extending the partnership with the Leukaemia Foundation, Brydens Lawyers Principal, Mr Lee Hagipantelis said Brydens Lawyers has a deep seated commitment to, and respect for, the work undertaken by the Leukaemia Foundation particularly in the Western Suburbs of Sydney.

“The vital Patient Transport Vehicles proudly bear the Brydens Lawyers insignia which provides a level of great satisfaction in knowing that we are doing something to assist the Leukaemia Foundation in the undertaking of such critical work,” said Mr Hagipantelis.

“The Leukaemia Foundation is to be lauded for what it has done to improve the lives of so many members of our community and Brydens Lawyers are committed to doing whatever they possibly can to support the great work of the Leukaemia Foundation."

The costly medical bills and loss of income means many families find themselves in financial difficulty while coping with the turmoil associated with their diagnosis, especially if they are unable to rely on their family network for travel to and from treatment.

It is estimated that 85 per cent of people who are diagnosed with a blood cancer will require chemotherapy as part of their treatment and these peoples are simply not well enough to drive to and from hospital for treatment.

Treatment compromises a person’s immune system making them more susceptible to infection, so shared environments like public transport can severely impact the overall health and wellbeing of somebody undergoing treatment and impede their recovery.

This situation places a tremendous burden on the person diagnosed, as well as their families, and creates questions of obligations, commitment, time, support and cost. 

Through the support of generous partners like Brydens Lawyers, the Leukaemia Foundation is able to provide a reliable and safe transport service which helps to relieve some of the pressures so many families are experiencing.

The Leukaemia Foundation values partnerships with organisations who share an authentic desire to make a real difference to the lives of Australians living with blood cancer.

Please contact us today if you feel your organisation could help the Leukaemia Foundation make a real difference to the lives of Australian families.

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