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Tight-knit family return from Mt Kilimanjaro, after trekking in honour of beloved father

Published Date: 24 July 2017 Categories: Myeloma

We first met the Pattison family earlier this year, when they were just preparing to trek up Africa’s highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro. Dr Brendan Pattison was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2014 and sadly passed away, inspiring his adult children and their partners to fundraise for the Leukaemia Foundation while taking on a physical challenge - you can read more about their story here.

Now that the family has returned from their 12-day trekking adventure, having taken on the challenge as part of Get Your Blood Pumping for Blood Cancer, we caught up with Dr Brendan Pattison’s daughter-in-law, Bec Taylor.

“When we came across the Mt Kili trek, it just seemed perfect. It was something different and challenging that we could take on as a family while supporting a good cause,” Bec said.

18 dedicated fundraisers took on the bucket-list adventure in Tanzania and generously raised funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.

“The best thing about Mt Kili was definitely the people that went, they were fantastic! They were a great group of people from around the country, all with different circumstances.

The night before we summited, an email was read out from an LF patient telling us her story and what the money we raised would go towards - it was so incredibly inspiring! Knowing that what we did as a team would help people, feeling like you actually contributed and hearing what the money would actually buy was very motivating. The trek became about so much more than just us,” Bec said.

The 12-day trek wasn’t without its physical and mental challenges, and it was through these challenges that brought everyone on the trek so much closer together.

“It was tough but we got through it. I’d absolutely encourage others to support the Foundation. For the past eight months we’ve called on our family and friends to support us. Everyone who knew Brendan appreciates how devastating a blood cancer diagnosis is, especially when family can’t take the time off work to be there for the whole journey. Brendan was very conscious of how lucky he was to have his wife by his side and not worry about working,” Bec said.

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