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Juliet ‘Gets Her Blood Pumping’ to help beat blood cancer

Published Date: 19 May 2017 Categories: Patients, Hodgkin Lymphoma, Carers, Fundraisers

Juliet has always loved sports but when she runs the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon on Sunday 21 May, there will be a special significance. Juliet’s sister Sarah was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in 2009, when Sarah was just 28 years old.

Juliet Austin and her sister Sarah

Like many diagnoses, the news was a complete shock and treatment started straight away. Thankfully, Sarah is now in remission and feeling much better, so Juliet wanted to do something to give back.

“My sister has gone through something so incredibly physically hard; I wanted to do something physically hard for myself. I know this is nothing like what she’s gone through but it will definitely challenge me… and I wanted to go through that,” explains Juliet.

Juliet has been training hard for months as she knows the 21.1km half-marathon is going to be an enormous challenge for her physically, mentally and emotionally. To also give back, Juliet is fundraising for the Leukaemia Foundation as part of “Get Your Blood Pumping for Blood Cancer” campaign and is currently the Foundation’s top individual fundraiser!

Juliet chose to fundraise for the Leukaemia Foundation as her family used the Foundation’s services which helped when things were turned upside down.

“The whole cancer situation was so stressful for everyone in the family and particularly for Sarah. The Leukaemia Foundation’s support was so important, they just took all that stress away. We used the transport service that would pick Sarah up from home and drop her to her appointments and treatment, it was fantastic! It meant that the rest of us could continue to work and earn a living.” Juliet recalls.

“We also used the practical services and emotional support which was incredibly helpful. Mum regularly went to the Leukaemia Foundation’s support groups and felt great comfort talking to them about how she was feeling. I suppose everyone in the group has gone through something similar and it was a safe space to talk and learn from each other.” Juliet explains.

The Leukaemia Foundation is very appreciative of Juliet’s incredible fundraising efforts and we wish her all the best for her challenge. For further information about the Sydney Morning Herald Half-Marathon or if you too would like to support Juliet or any of our supporters you can click here.

For further information about the Leukaemia Foundation’s services, please visit our website or contact us on 1800 620 420. 

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