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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Protocols

Our RAP will contribute to the collective actions and efforts of Australian organisations that are committed to reconciliation.  

The Leukaemia Foundation will embrace all opportunities that incorporate respect, mutually beneficial relationships and activities that promote social inclusion.  This includes the provision of access to support and services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have been impacted by a blood cancer or blood related disorder.   In order to achieve this vision we are committed to:


  • Strengthen our relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities within which we deliver support services and care.

Strong relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and other Australians are core to the ongoing successes of our operations.  The Leukaemia Foundation is committed to engaging regularly, openly and respectfully with Australians impacted by a blood cancer and with health agencies, other not for profit organisations and allied health care specialists within the sector.  Through our programs and in the delivery of our services we forge strong mutually beneficial relationships.


  • Offer cultural competency training and promote the respect of cultural protocols to our employees and volunteers in the delivery of all facets of our operations.

Blood cancers are not specific to any particular demographic; they can develop in anyone of any age and at any time.  The Leukaemia Foundation is dedicated to the care and cure of patients and families living with leukaemia, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders.  In the promotion of cultural competency amongst our staff and volunteers as well as appropriate cultural protocols we will facilitate an ongoing understanding and respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.  We feel that this level of cultural respect will filter through all facets of our operations and contribute to the understanding and skills of our staff so that they can provide appropriate support and services to the wider blood cancer community.  


  • Identify, collaborate with and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Agencies in the provision of services and support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples impacted by a blood cancer. 

The Leukaemia Foundation’s quality support and service provision is underpinned by our professional staff.  Their local knowledge and relationships with the blood cancer communities that we service is inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  • As an Equal Opportunities employer provide and promote workforce opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.